Kjør sammen til jobben - Carpool to work

- Fornebuporten, Aker Solutions and SammeVei - 

September 3rd to October 14th | Fornebu

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1. Responsible organisations. Fornebuporten (Oksenøyveien 8-10, 1360 Fornebu), Aker Solutions ASA (Snarøyveien 20, 1364 Fornebu) and SammeVei AS (Gaustadalléen 21, 0349 Oslo, Norge).

2. What personal information is used for. Data will be used to improve the app (e.g. UX and mechanics) in order to give customers better experience when using SammeVei and to increase users' chances to find someone to carpool with. Furthermore, data is used to learn more about commuters' knowledge and use of, as well as interest in, carpooling solutions.

3. Sharing of personal data. Data can be shared among organisations involved during the "Kjør sammen til jobben" campaign. Aggregate, anonymous data can be shared with third parties and made public.

4. How personal data is collected. All data is given freely by participants. By signing up for "Kjør sammen til jobben" campaign on www.sammevei.no/fornebu and using the SammeVei app, data will be collected.

5. Managing your own personal data. Participants can at anytime request to get insight in their personal data, and ask for it to be deleted. To do so, contact SammeVei. Data used on an aggregate level will remain stored, and cannot be associated with the individual user.

6. Storage of personal data. Data obtained by participants using the SammeVei app will be stored for as long as the participant has an active SammeVei profile. Data obtained by participants signing up on (www.sammevei.no/fornebu) will be stored until the participant asks for his/her data to be deleted.

7. Withdrawal of consent for sharing of data. Participants can at anytime withdraw their consent. To do so, contact SammeVei.

8. SammeVei's general terms and policy are effective when using the SammeVei app. 


Questions? Don't hesitate to contact us - support@sammevei.no


Best regards,

Fornebuporten, Aker Solutions & SammeVei