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Save time and money with good conscience


According to NAF, an average Norwegian is standing in traffic jams for an average of 20 minutes during a car journey. During rush hour, drivers in Norway sit alone in 6 out of 7 cars. This results in long queues resulting in loss of time and money, as well as unnecessary CO2 emissions.


By reducing car traffic by approximately 10% during rush hour, traffic will flow fine. The solution is rideshare with someone to and from a destination. To achieve this, we have developed a ridesharing app that connects people to daily destinations.


Together we can minimize traffic, save time and money and take better care of the environment.

Save time

Invest in future

Save money

With good conscience

Three easy steps


Create a trip 


Enter information about when and where you want to go + if you want to drive or be a passenger


Get notified if someone is going the same way as you


Get notified if someone is going the same way as you


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