Why do we have such a campaign?
We develop the software to operate the largest, zero-discharge private / public fleet for urban commuting. This leads to cheaper, simpler and environmentally friendly commuting.
If commuters in Stavanger who drive daily through the two tunnels rideshares (preferably in electric cars), they will be able to save up to NOK 3,000 a month. This leads to fewer cars on the roads leading to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, which we are working hard to achieve.

Why does Kolumbus have such a campaign?
Kolumbus is in an exciting phase. Because they have a political mandate to be the region's public mobility player, they want to expand the offer to include urban bicycles, self-driving bus, train, walking, ridesharing and door-to-door transport, and therefore participate in many exciting projects. Their guiding star is the Zero Growth Goal, which means making it easier to move without using your own car. They will therefore learn more about interconnection with SammeVei.

Why should I use ridesharing?
Consumers can save up to NOk 3,000 a month by using SammeVei app. This is money that can be spent on completely different things, or something as simple as saving. Ridesharing via SammeVei is also a simple and fun way to commute, as the process consists of only 3 simple steps and it is social.

How much do I pay for a trip?
If you use the SammeVei App and rideshare, you will pay approx. 100kr a day (return). The driver then receives approx. 100kr for return trips which are used to pay for the car expenses during the trip. Up to 35km costs 50 kroner and after the driven 35km it costs 1kr per km (for passengers).

Will I get something for ridesharing during the promotional period?
You will receive rewards from Kolumbus. Passengers will receive a free monthly bus card from Kolumbus in the fourth month of the promotion if they post daily trips throughout the promotional period. Drivers will receive NOK 200 each month if they post daily trips for a month.

What if I join the campaign in May or later? What do I get?
We expect most users to participate in the campaign in March and April. However, those who hear about the campaign later and want to support sustainable transport in Strand via the Ryfylketunnel can get incentives according to the period they are active.

Example; If a user downloads SammeVei April 25 as a passenger and places tours daily until July 25, the user can get a free monthly bus card from Kolumbus. If a user downloads the app in the first week of July, the user will not receive a free monthly bus card, but may receive a reward based on the number of trips posted. Kolumbus and SammeVei will continue to reward the active users of the campaign for the last 2 months of the campaign with different prizes.

Where can I download the app?

The app can be downloaded from both AppStore and GooglePlay