Kolumbus AS

Public Mobility Operator

Ryfast is a ferry-free road connection between Ryfylke and Nord-Jæren. The Ryfylketunnel is part of the road association and is the world's longest and deepest subsea road tunnel. The tunnel is at a tunnel distance of 14.4 kilometres. At its deepest, the tunnel is 292 meters below sea level. The Ryfylketunnel opened on December 30, and the Eiganestunnel and Hundvågunnunnel open (on schedule) March 30.


Kolumbus is in an exciting phase. Because they have a political mandate to be regional public mobility operator, they will offer expanded services to include other city bikes, self-driving buses, trains, walking, ridesharing and door-door transport, which is why they take part in many exciting projects. Their guiding star is the Zero Growth Goal, which means making it easier to move without using your car. They will, therefore, learn more about ridesharing with SammeVei.


For a typical job trip from Strand Municipality to e.g. Forus, you have to drive through the Ryfylketunnel and Hundevaggtunnel + road tolls, which will cost NOK 265 for petrol / diesel cars and NOK 132 for electric cars, which corresponds to approx. NOK 5,300 / month for petrol / diesel cars and approx. NOK2,600 / month for electric cars.

If you use the SammeVei App and rideshare, you will pay paid approx. NOK 100 a day (round trip). This is equivalent to a saving of NOK 3,000 / month compared to driving alone in a petrol / diesel car.

In addition, Kolumbus will award those who actively use ridesharing during the project period. Passengers requesting a return trip on average 4 out of 5 weekdays during the promotional period will receive a free monthly bus card from Kolumbus, which can be used after the promotional period. A driver who offers a return trip on average 4 out of 5 weekdays during the promotional period will be paid NOK 200 / month, and will also be paid NOK 40 (from the passenger) for each trip. 

With this project, we can achieve both better and affordable job trips, while reducing traffic jams and greenhouse gas emissions.