Oslo has ambitious emission reduction goals. Carbon emissions will be reduced by 95% until 2030. 55% of the CO2 emission is due to land transport. And 54% of the land transport emission is due to private cars. Even though only 5% of the land transport emissions are due to buses, public transport operators and the municipality taking many big and encouraging steps to achieve the reduction target.


Sammevei is the natural solution provider for this goal. We offered our ridesharing solution to more than 10 thousand users in Oslo and the volume is getting bigger and bigger. The potential impact of this growth is enormous!


There are 60 thousand electric private cars registered in Oslo and Akershus. Even only 5% of these cars are introduced as shared capacity in the daily commute ecosystem, we would gain a capacity equal to 100 buses! Currently, there are 1000 buses serving Oslo. The plan is to convert all these buses to electric buses. Imagine we could add 100 bus capacity just by sharing our rides and save the cost of converting 100 buses...


This is the easiest step to become a self-sufficient society. We can start that transition now in Oslo. Download the app, leave your car at home, start ridesharing.

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