Gloobal development goals

Europe is determined to reach a zero emission goal by 2050. The FN's sustainability goals are mutual goals for states, private and public organizations.


SammeVei gives private companies, municipalities and collective operators the opportunity to take an active and effective part in reaching goals 11 and 13.


As the leading ridesharing operator in Norway, we have run several projects with different partners. Such projects are crucial to the continuous development of our matching technology. It provides the opportunity to test the technology, user experience and gain more insight from our clients.

The ridesharing projects are the first step towards autonomous shared mobility on request. Our users, together with public transport, will enable us to develop a SaaS model for the private / public operating systems.


To test and experience this new mode of transport, we invite companies, transport operators and municipalities to collaborate with SammeVei.


Get in touch with us and start your campaign in six weeks!

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